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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Disclaimer: This blog isn't run by Macklemore or Ryan Lewis. My name is Isha (@gcisha). Thanks for visiting!

This is what I emailed to Ellen :)

Hey Ellen!

I saw on Twitter that you were following Macklemore, a rapper from Seattle. I was amazed and delighted that a rapper predominantly known in Seattle was acknowledged by you! Just a few days ago, I made a Tumblr to promote his music and to give followers a place to appreciate his music.

Macklemore’s music isn’t the conventional, everyday rap. He raps from the soul, and his lyrics are so strong and meaningful; anyone who has heard him can vouch for it. His song “Otherside” ( is about cough syrup and its prevalence in today’s society, and the need to send a better message to today’s youth. He has overcome his troubles with drugs and alcohol, and has been sober for two years.

It’s rare to find hip hop artists today that promote such healthy and heartfelt messages, and I know my life has been touched by his music; I want to do everything in my capacity to spread his brilliant music in any way I can. I’ve create a petition on Twitter to get people to support me in this endeavor, and Macklemore is retweeting to get as many signatures as possible from his 4600 followers. This is the link:

It was uplifting to see that you followed his Twitter, and I hope you consider our request to have Macklemore on The Ellen Show. Macklemore’s music speaks to the soul; I only hope that I am able to somehow spread his lyrical gift to others who may appreciate it.

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